Fiare Cloud Academy: Seeking new entrants



Fiare Cloud Academy Finnish

Fiare is accepting applications for entry into the Fiare Cloud Academy – held in Ruoholahti Helsinki.
This programme is designed to equip each member with the skills and expertise required to get started in software development and software architecture careers.

Content overview:
• Development Operations – A deep dive into modern software development methods.
• Application of the Docker virtualisation tool, Jenkings continuous integration tool, Terraform infrastructure management tool
• Key features of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and how it works in practice.
• Developing fundamental software architecture skills.
• Three-month course

Guided by a team of specialists, this is the perfect environment to develop your skills and even earn employment opportunities when the course is completed!

Recruits should have:
• Basic software development skills.
• Ability and drive to learn new things quickly.
• Good teamworking skills but also the ability to work independently.
• Fluency in English and Finnish.
• Knowledge of server setups desirable, not essential.

Employability – Individuals who succesfully complete the training will have a good chance to earn employment
on Fiare’s client projects in various global markets.
Flexible – the beginning of the training can be scheduled around the individual’s study/work situation.
Apply now – Please send your application at your earliest convenience to
More information from: Tommi Heikkonen, CEO: 040 5048820,