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Octane is the leading quality monthly magazine that focuses on the world's greatest classic and performance cars. Octane Media’s experienced editorial team create a wealth of content which collectively has been described as 'the best classic car magazine in the world'. However, back in 2014, the digital proposition needed renovating.

Dennis Publishing, owner of the Octane brand, was looking to rebuild the existing site to become mobile-responsive and to offer an optimum user experience to search classic cars. Working with us, a company with a strong reputation in building classified websites, the team at Octane were able to combine their motoring and editorial skills with our platform and development expertise to create a powerful proposition.

Classic and Performance Car offers a useful platform for buying and selling high-performance and classic cars. Whether you’re looking for your first classic or trying to sell your pride and joy, this site has been designed to make the process as simple and effective as possible.


"Working with Fiare, a company with a strong reputation in building classified websites, we were able to combine our motoring and editorial skills with their platform and development expertise to create a really powerful proposition."

Geoff Love - Publishing Director, Dennis Motoring

Key Facts
  • Integration of a marketplace with editorial from Octane and Evo magazines provides users with a comprehensive overview of the classic and performance car market
  • A multi-billion-pound global industry: in the highest-quality end of the market, which Octane serves, individual cars can sell for over £2 million apiece
  • New dealers: the number of for-sale ads has doubled in comparison with the old website
  • Traffic has increased considerably, with page visits and dwell time much-improved


About Dennis Publishing

Dennis Publishing is one of the leading independently owned media companies in the UK. As the 6th largest consumer magazine publisher, Dennis has transformed its business from its traditional print publishing roots to a true multi-platform, award-winning media company, with a group turnover of over £100m. Founded in 1974, the group consists of a number of operating companies in the UK and USA. 

About Octane Magazine

Octane is a unique magazine that captures the exclusivity and excitement of the classic car world. Every issue features the car, the people, the action and excitement of the last 100 years of automotive history. Drives of the most revered classics accompany stunning photography, along with news and event coverage from around the globe.

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